Holistic Dentistry

Mercury-free Dentistry and Biocompatibility

Combines the conventional with the alternative

Anne combines the conventional with the alternative to achieve a truly holistic approach to dental care. To this end, one of her primary concerns is to ensure that all the materials she uses in her practice are compatible with the body. As a result, she is one of only a very few Mercury-free Holistic Dentists in Ireland, carefully changing patient’s Mercury, Amalgam fillings, following IAOMT safety protocols, a service which attracts patients from Ireland, England and abroad.

She also offers all-ceramic restorations as an alternative to composite or oncemer, where appropriate, and uses Zirconia all-ceramic crowns and bridges. In her drive to use materials and techniques which are the least toxic to the body, Anne avoids the use of adrenaline-containing local anaesthetic, and uses Homeopathy to help counteract any negative effects it may have on the body. She uses Homeopathy after x-rays for similar reasons.

If you are interested in Anne’s holistic dental treatments, book a consultation with her today to discuss your requirements.