Cone Beam CT Scanner

CT Scanner

As a Practice, we believe in applying the best technology available and that is why we use some of most advanced investigative and diagnostic machinery on the market. Foremost among the equipment we currently employ is our Cone Beam CT Scanner. Using low dosage x-rays and computer technology, it is a compact, fast and safe way to produce 3D cross sectional images of your jaws and teeth.

Treat the patient, not the X-ray

James M. Hunter, Orthopaedic Surgeon

The CT Scanner is particularly relevant if you are being considered for dental implants and other special procedures, as it gives us detailed information which cannot be obtained from more conventional x-ray equipment. This enables us to assess the exact shape of the bone, to accurately determine nerve routings, and to precisely plan and simulate your procedure, in advance of the actual operation.

But here’s the rub. Yes, we recognise that technology is important, even vital, but it remains a means to an end. Our focus is always to “Treat the patient, not the X-ray.” In other words, we use the information gleaned from technology to devise the best possible treatment for you, then we explain and discuss your options, clearly and concisely.