This "state of the art" technique utilizes CAD/CAM technology to provide ceramic inlays and crowns in a single visit.

The technique is particularly suited to those patients travelling from a distance to the practice as only one visit is required per inlay or crown as there is no follow up visit required to fit the restoration.

The CEREC procedure is simple from the word go. The patient is shown the defect, the tooth is prepared and then an optical impression is created in just a few seconds. The easy-to-use CEREC 3D camera always displays the tooth in constant magnification, regardless of the distance between the preparation site and the lens.

The extensive depth of field goes hand in hand with razor-sharp image quality. It's even possible to acquire difficult inlay preparations in three dimensions with just a single exposure.

The advantages are:

  1. Excellent strength, durability and aesthetics
  2. One visit - one injection
  3. No return visit to have a crown or inlay fitted
  4. No unpleasant impressions
  5. The adhesive technique means less total tissue removal compared with conventional crown techniques
  6. Highly biocompatible material

You can learn more about CEREC technology by visiting Sirona.com